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The DAI stablecoin narrative on PulseChain is massive. Join the fight to help bring adoption to our blockchain and create the first fully decentralized native stablecoin ever to exist!

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Common questions & answers

Does DAI on PulseChain have admin keys?

No, DAI does not have admin keys. This allows for full decentralization. The other pSTABLES (USDT and USDC) do have admin keys. 

Where can I buy DAI on PulseChain?

You can purchase DAI on PulseChain through the native DEX, PulseX


Just go to and click into the app, or use the homepage of this website!

Is the DAI to $1.00 guaranteed to happen?

No. Nothing inside this website should be taken as financial advice. This is purely a speculative narrative that has been put together based on blockchain research and analysis.

Who made PulseChain?

Richard Heart is the creator of PulseChain. He is also the creator of HEX, the popular DeFi token from Ethereum.

Do any other blockchains have a narrative like this?

No, other blockchains like Ethereum, Binance, Solana, etc. do not have a system state fork like we do on PulseChain.


Every coin from Ethereum was copied over to PulseChain back in 2023, and this is the first time something like this has been done.