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What people are saying about pDAI...

“The technical possibilities are lining up. You can deny pegging, you can deny being wrong, but you can't deny math. Technicals on $PDAI on #Pulsechain make me say, I AM READY.........ARE YOU READY?"



“All I would like to say is... $pDAI is recruiting people to pulsechain like to never before. $pDAI is changing people's lives for the better.”


Community Admin

“Blockchains dont lie. $pDAI was destined to be #Pulsechain's native stable from well before launch. ATROPA, USDC, and Lido are all helping.”



“If pDai continues from here and rips upward then I have to say at that point people will have to ask " what's actually happening here". Maybe it's not RH but he sure the hell talked about this phenomenon we are all witnessing that much is undisputed. It's just a steady climb”


Community Member